The Nyadire Connection


The Nyadire Connection (TNC) is a partnership between United Methodist Churches in the Pittsburgh area, and the United Methodist Church and Mission in Nyadire, Zimbabwe. Nyadire is located in the northeast corner of Zimbabwe on the border with Mozambique.

Dutilh is one of six partner churches in the Pittsburgh area.  The others are Baldwin Community United Methodist Church; Christ United Methodist Church, Bethel Park; First Bethel United Methodist Church, Bethel Park; Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church; and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Allison Park.

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The Nyadire United Methodist Mission consists of:

  • 50-bed hospital with six associated rural clinics

  • School of Nursing

  • Teacher College

  • 1200-student school, with boarders

  • Home of Hope Orphanage

  • A farm and church.  


TNC is a 100% volunteer non-profit.  Our goals are to build long-term relationships, educate each other, and learn how to truly help.  TNC enables connections: person-person and church-church.  Our focus is on Nyadire and to support Nyadire’s priorities, not our own.  Nyadire and the Zimbabwe United Methodist Church leads, and TNC enables.  TNC strives for sustainability.


TNC currently operates 13 different programs and ministries.  

Dutilh Church supports many of TNC’s ministries, including the Home of Hope Orphanage and the Girls Empowerment Program, and has taken responsibility to lead and organize the Rural Clinic Renovation Project.  To date, three clinics have been completely renovated and a fourth is underway.

2019 mission trip

Dutilh Church is organizing a Mission Trip to Nyadire from June 16-July 1.  Team members will visit the rural clinics, the hospital, schools, farm, and orphanage at Nyadire, as well as participate in activities at the local United Methodist Church.  Some of our team will also hold a Vacation Bible School for the residents of the Home of Hope Orphanage and the students at the primary and secondary school. 

Cost is estimated at $3,000 per person. Eleven members of the Dutilh congregation and two additional individuals will make up the mission team. Team members include Keith & Dana Bucci, Carol Butler, Debbie Little, Ralph Duckworth, Pete & Tracy Ekstam and their daughters Ava & Alaina, Jim Gascoine, and Kate Gascoine from Dutilh.  Joining our Dutilh folks are John Sperry and Scott Sanford.

Dutilh’s team will work on the following projects while in Nyadire:

  • Irrigation for Crops Project

  • Home of Hope Orphanage Support

  • Hospital Support

  • Empowerment Pad Program

  • Pastor Workshop

  • Teachers College Presentation

  • Rural Clinic Program

Contact Pastor Jim with questions at

TNC Month 2019

Fundraising Dinner - Thursday, May 9
6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall

Enjoy a great dinner prepared by Susan Boddy and our Kitchen Team!

We will have a presentation about The Nyadire Connection and its great work in
Zimbabwe, followed by an appeal for monetary donations to support the VIM trip and the projects we intend to work on while there. 

Donations of any amount are welcome; however, our goal is to raise significant funds beyond those of a typical goodwill offering to cover the cost of dinner.  Please be aware that you will be asked to support the mission trip at the conclusion of the dinner. If you have already donated through the Gift Tree, come to the dinner and find out what your donations are doing!

No tickets required; however, advance sign-up would be appreciated.

Pastry Sale - Sunday, May 12

Dutilh’s TNC team is hosting a pastry sale  on Sunday, May 12, to raise funds for their mission trip to Zimbabwe. Enjoy delicious kolachi, baklava, lady locks, and other specialty cookies this Mother’s Day!

Gift Tree

  • Sponsor a runner for “Run for a Reason”

  • Sponsor Dutilh’s missionary members who will travel to Zimbabwe in June

Drivers Needed - Sunday, June 16

We need volunteers to drive seven team members and 14 large suitcases to the Pittsburgh airport for a 6:40 a.m. flight. If you are able to drive one or more members of the team, please contact Pastor Jim Gascoine or Ralph Duckworth.

Donate Items for the Trip

Please help the mission team by donating any of the following items:
General Donation List
     Crafts and materials for
         Bible School
     Solar Lights

     Pencil Sharpeners
     Classroom materials for
     First aid kit (supplies)
     Rubber cleaning gloves

Hearing Impaired
     Hearing aids
     Sewing materials, fabric, yarn

 Girls Empowerment Pads (GEP)
Fabric Scissors
     Girl’s underwear (small sizes)
     Sewing materials
     Small bar soap

Latex gloves
     Adult bathroom scales
     Newborn measuring scales
     Digital thermometers
     Cough syrup 
     Tylenol (children’s and adult)    
     Blood pressure cuffs