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Barbie Battaglia’s “God Moment” Led Her to Dutilh Church

Barbie Battaglie, Accountant

Barbie Battaglie, Accountant

When Barbie Battaglia became Dutilh Church’s accountant in January 2017, “It was a God moment,” Battaglia said.

Battaglia had worked in accounting—first at a software company and then at a motorcycle engine design company—and commuted to the North Side and to Bridgeville for 25 years before deciding to find work closer to home.

“The first time I looked online,” Battaglia said, “I saw this job posted at Dutilh. I hadn’t even put together a resume yet!” Nevertheless, Battaglia had a feeling that the timing was right, the position was right, and God had put this opportunity in front of her for a reason.

That sense of grace continued during Battaglia’s interview process. It turned out that Battaglia actually knew her predecessor at Dutilh, Julie Hines; Hines was aware of Battaglia’s expertise and shared that with the Staff Parish Relations Committee. Her experience, combined with her faith, made Battaglia a perfect candidate for the job.

At the time, Battaglia attended a different church. While she loved that community, she began attending services at Dutilh and found herself drawn to the worship experience at her new place of employment. Again, Battaglia explained, “The timing seemed right to make a change,” and she and her husband Mark became members of Dutilh in November 2018.

The Battaglias are the parents of two adult children, Rachel (26) and Matt (24), both of whom are married and live in the area. Battaglia herself grew up in Penn Hills. She attended Penn Hills High School and then Grove City College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Following graduation, Battaglia took a job in accounting. She did additional coursework in accounting at the University of Pittsburgh as she continued to grow in her profession.

Finding Dutilh Church—as both a place of employment and a church home—has been a faith-filled experience for Battaglia. Asked about her favorite part of the job, Battaglia said, “It’s the people. I feel like I’m doing something meaningful. I left a good-paying job, but this is not about the money—it’s about giving back. I like coming to work and knowing I can make a difference.”

Battaglia said one of the most exciting aspects of her current role is being part of the Make Room capital campaign. “People are passionate about what’s coming up with the master plan and are giving their time and financial support to make it happen,” Battaglia said.

When she is not busy managing Dutilh’s finances, Battaglia enjoys traveling with her husband, spending time with family, and being outdoors. “I’m an outdoorsy person—I love being in my garden, walking in the woods, eating dinner outside,” Battaglia said. “An ideal night for me is sitting around a campfire relaxing with my husband in the backyard.” Battaglia also enjoys reading, listening to Christian music, and attending Christian concerts. Crowder is her favorite band and she has attended the Creation Music Festival in Mt. Union for many years.

Battaglia said people would likely be surprised to know that she once parachuted in college. “It was scary, but I’m glad I did it!” Battaglia said. Dutilh Church is blessed that Battaglia took a leap of faith once more in 2017, when she joined the current church staff. The Dutilh Church community is a better place because of her presence as both Dutilh’s accountant and an active member of the church.