Canned meals and other non-perishables are needed to help feed families in Butler County. 

How can you help?

Several of Dutilh’s community ministry partners have reached out to us for food donations of canned meals and other non-perishables. They have made us aware that due to the Government shutdown, people in the Butler community are going without their SNAP benefits. Local food banks and the VOICe shelter are gearing up to handle the need.

In support of those affected by this, we are encouraging you to help. If each family could donate a couple of the items from the list below, we can make a difference.

Please return your donation by Sunday, January 27, by placing it on the Food Ministry collection table in the Fellowship Hall.

Our Food Ministry team will organize and deliver our donations.

Help make a difference!

Items Needed:

Canned meats (chicken or turkey)
Beef stew or chili

Canned fish (tuna or salmon)

Canned soups

Canned ravioli

Peanut butter

Instant mashed potatoes

Rice or noodle packets

Pasta & canned pasta sauce

Macaroni & Cheese

Protein or granola bars


Cereal Juice

Jars of baby food or formula

Thank you!